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Last night Amalia slept in her own crib, in her own room. She did great and slept right through the night. The boys, however, did not. Jack was up three times and sneaked into our bed at some point before dawn. George woke up twice. Once to use the bathroom and another for, well, who knows really. They have never been consistently great sleepers but last night was extraordinarily awful. Pass the coffee.

My favorite BB cream and mineral foundation have been no match for the circles under my eyes the past few months. And, as I am rapidly approaching another ::coughmiddleagecough:: birthday, the fine lines wrinkles are making their presence known along with more than a few grey hairs. Super fun stuff. Each time I have more than 1.43 seconds to  look in the mirror, I think, "Really time to do something about this." Then a wrestling match ensues or a baby squawks to be fed and dreams of skin care regimes and hair salon bookings are once again forgotten.

I have three children under school age. My shopping trips with them are timed and orchestrated to the minute with lists by aisle. One misstep can and will result in one or more small person melting down in the checkout lane. Gone are the days of browsing the beauty aisles, reading package labels and fawning over lovely packaging. Mall trips? Ha! Only because our Target is attached to one. And by Target, I mean the diaper and grocery aisles.

When my Influenster TLC Vox Box arrived in June, I was thrilled. Every mom can use a little pampering. I pawed through the contents and my eyes went straight to the sleek little Avon package: Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother. It had me at Express. I moved the box up to my bathroom counter and there it sat for awhile. One day when I managed more than a rushed moment for my makeup routine, I slid open the mirrored cover and gave the balm a try on my forehead. And, it worked.

No, really. It worked right away. As in, that moment. My deepening wrinkles were instantly smoothed out to a few fine lines. This is my forehead, right out of the shower with (before) only my BB cream and (after) the balm patted over the lines.

When a product actually works and takes next to zero time? Huge mom win. And, Avon. Who knew?

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for testing purposes. All opinions and commentary are my own.


project life: weeks 22 and 25...

With every first season in our new town, our new home, it's exciting to see what blooms, what new things we can discover and to see the children growing in this space. That is the beauty of Project Life. I'm getting it all documented simply - even in summer! Awesome.

The two weeks I'm sharing today are more recent and both use the fabulous, full of color July Citrus Twist Pocket Life and Pocket Life Embellishment kits. I'm not completely caught up yet but, am getting there. Of course, having printer ink on hand helps (note to self: order more today)!

Week 22: this week brought a new lawn mower and other yard tools, a damaged car, vists with family and dear friends, ice pops, Jack shananigans and big brother mischief.

Week 25: World Cup, a family zoo trip, a good book, planting flowers and cute kid moments.

How are you documenting your summer? I have a fun little project that I'm working on and will be sharing soon!


oh, we're halfway there: project life update and a blog hop!

2014. you have been amazing, trying, awesome, fulfilling, frustrating and have not failed to surprise. We are at the halfway point this week. How? Moving to a new house, having a baby two weeks later and being home with three children under five years old might have gotten me a little behind in my scrapbooking. It's okay. Really. And blogging, well, you can see how well that's gone since my last post was...when exactly? Today, I'm sharing several weeks in my 2014 album. I am not caught up. Not at all. But, every week day moment that is documented is an accomplishment.

Follow along with me on today's Blog Hop sharing Project Life updates and inspiration...
Here is the entire line up!

I'm sharing five weeks worth of pages today. The first two are very simple, get them done types with very little embellishing. The others are pages created with my monthly Citrus Twist Kits...

Week Eight: This week, we had lots of at home down time and special visits with family.

Week 10: This week found us settling a bit more into a routine as a family of five. The weather let up enough that we were able to enjoy a bit of fresh air and our little sweetheart started smiling!

I love writing out stories and documenting events but, sometimes a short hand list works just as well! This card from the Kiwi core kit was perfect for summing up this week.

Week 14: Exploring a local park for the first time, Amalia is two months, Gold Card status and G attending his first Home Depot Kids Workshop.

Week 19: Mother's Day, our new yard in bloom, time with friends and family.

Week 20: Creative play, a visit with my mom, my new iPhone arrived, a visit to a local farm and lots and lots of coffee.

I had a LOT of photos I wanted to use this week and really am trying not to use inserts, to conserve space in my albums. This layout is an example of how to get the story told while maximizing those photo slots: 1) my date card is a list of highlights, 2) this filler card (below) has a little punched notch revealing the hidden journaling cards I slipped behind.

Thank you for joining me! I hope you'll continue the Blog Hop and find inspiration for your own Project Life album.


project life: week 15...

The past few weeks have been filled with visitors, home renovations and being outside enjoying the gorgeous spring days in our backyard. With all of that, my blogging has fallen away but, there has been sporadic creative time behind the scenes.

Today, I'm sharing my week 15. My pages have been trending toward a lighter, brighter, simpler approach lately. My Project Life time often happens in 2-5 minute increments now, as I can catch a quiet moment in the day. A natural evolution toward simplicity. This week uses the May Citrus Twist  Pocket life and Pocket Life Embellishment kits, as well as the add-on stamp.

Back to that simplicity? Part of that has meant quick journaling on white backgrounds with a bit of embellishing. I feel very strongly about the personal touch of using my own handwriting on my pages for a personal feel so, I've made sure to add in bits here and there.

This week also shows my concerted effort to get photos of myself and my husband in this album regularly. Since I am a stay at home mom and take photos of the kids all day long, it's easy to have only those three little people represented but, that isn't the whole story! Mommy and Baba need to be there too. Relationships need to be documented with photos. It matters.

Week 14 will be up later this week and, if I can get it photographed, also a throwback to Week 8 that was just recently completed. Hopping all over this year but getting it documented.


amalia: three months of you...

My sweet Amalia,

It's hard to believe that it's been a quarter year since your arrival on that cold, January day. Yet, at the same time, you so seamlessly fit in to our family that it feels as if you have always been here. You and your happy, smiley, wide eyed self!

At three months you: are full of smiles, love to talk (coo), grab toys and bring them to your mouth, know as soon as Mommy walks in or out of a room, watch your brothers intently, love cuddling with Baba, wear 0-3 month clothing with room to spare, cannot stand tummy time, are a great sleeper at night and nap best on the go, nurse heartily, capture the heart of anyone you meet.

Love you to the moon and back,


project life: week 9

My goal this week is to finish printing photos for the missing weeks in February and March and all of April so that I can just sit down to journal and bang out several weeks. My children, however, may have plans to derail this effort. We shall see!

For now, I'm sharing my completed Week 9. I love, love, love how this week turned out using the April Citrus Twist Kits. All of a sudden I am wanting to use more white and lighter colors. It must be the influence of spring! This week was my first completely on my own with all three of my littles. It seemed daunting at the time and I wanted to document that feeling prominently, as you can see in the top right card. As with most things, the kids and I all rose to the occasion and made it out alive ;)

Other highlights:Miss A was one month, Mr. Boom and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and we took our first road trip as a family of five.

Here are a few of my favorites bits from this week's layout:



project life: week 11...

Today, I'm sharing Week 11 in in my family album. I used both the Citrus Twist April Pocket Life and PL Embellishment kits for this layout. This was the first week of the year that it was finally warm enough to get outside to enjoy the sun - despite the blanket of snow still on the ground, so I played up the yellows!

 Outside play, newborn sweetness, toddler mischief and power outages were the themes this week. I love the pre-printed "need a do-over" label, along with the frown face flair to illustrate the photo of our powerless appliances. My date card uses a combination of papers from the 6x6 pad, along with a vellum "highlights" Silhouette cut and one of the frames in the PL kit, finished off with a label and a few of the fun glitter stars from the PL Embellishment kit.

The left hand 3x4 photo of my green blouse is on the outside of the page and flips up to reveal journaling underneath. I used a small piece of the yellow stripe cardstock as a hinge. And, of course, one of  the amazing etched wood chips.

I had a hard time narrowing down my photos this week so, added a small page protector for extra 3x4's. This side explains the power outages we endured and how we made the best of the situation. The exclusive "flying monkeys" card just seemed right. I trimmed it down a bit, added it to a clear, stitched sleeve from a past kit and slipped it in the pocket.

Want to know one way I'm taking the complication out of PL? Join me and 6 other members of the CTK DT as we share our projects and tips in this month's class: Worry Free Pocket Life. Cut files and a video are included as well for only $10:

Back with more soon :)

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